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Leyton Yoga

Pranayama and Kriya Intensive

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Time & Location

02 feb 2019, 14:00 – 17:00

Leyton Yoga, 691 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6RA, UK

About the workshop

"When the whole system of nadis (energy chanels), which is full of impurities, is cleaned, the Yogi becomes able to control Praṇa (vital energy). Therefore, Pranayama should be performed daily with a focused, calm mind in order to drive impurities out of the susumna nadi." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 15th C.

Join former Leyton Yoga Director Liz Allan for four days of deep cleansing and re-balancing.

These traditional practices can balance mood, calm the mind, unblock stuffed-up sinuses, decrease mucus production, increase concentration, stimulate digestion, enhance energy levels and aerobic endurance, reduce anxiety and depression, end panic attacks, alleviate dry mouth and bad breath, and improve sleep.

In Saturday’s masterclass, we’ll work step-by-step to learn the following techniques:

- Anuloma Viloma (alternative nostril breathing)

- Neti (nasal cleansing)

- Nauli and Dhauti (upper digestive track cleansing)

- Kapalabhati (lung and diaphragm strengthening)

- Kumbhaka (breath retention)

- the three Bandhas (energy locks)

- Advanced Pranayama such as Bhramari, Sitali and Ujjayi

Then, for three glorious mornings in a row, we’ll put it all together into a powerfully invigorating daily practice.

To prepare for the intensive, Liz asks that you please abstain from meat-eating, alcohol and smoking for a few days (or weeks!) before the workshop. The "cleaner" you start, the better you'll feel during the week.

All participants will need their own Neti Pot and tongue cleaner. If you don't have them, you can buy them at a special workshop rate of £3 for the Neti Pot and £2 for the tongue cleaner on the day of the masterclass.


Saturday 2 February , 2pm - 5pm


Continuing Daily Practices:

Sunday 3 February, 8am - 9am

Monday 4 February, 7am - 8am

Tuesday 5 February, 7am - 8am


Full Intensive Package:


Please note: Regular Leyton Yoga students can also drop-in to the practice sessions at the regular class price of £12 per class.

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