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Private Classes

I tailor my English-language private sessions in Rotterdam to meet my students' unique and changing needs. Together, we work towards your goals and maximise your potential.

My great passion is Yoga for Burnout, specific practices to balance mood, reduce fatigue, ease insomnia, control anxiety and recover from stress.


I also work with breath training, helping people to overcome poor breathing practices and encouraging natural, diaphragmic breath. These techniques can help  unblock sinuses, decrease mucus production, alleviate bad breath, regulate digestion, increase energy levels, control panic attacks, and improve sleep.

Classes can be held in your own home, or in the beautiful private studio at Yogaground in Rotterdam Centrum. All equipment is provided.

Corporate Classes

Invest in your workplace wellbeing while improving your team's English-language skills.

Yoga in the office promotes physical fitness amongst staff, enhances team morale and reduces staff sick days. Regular practice can ease chair and technology-related physical strain, manage symptoms of stress, and even prevent burnout.

Classes are held before and after work hours or during lunch hours.

Prices vary depending on travel, student numbers and equipment requirements. Block-booking discounts are available.

It would be an honour to practice yoga with you. If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

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