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Personalise  Your Practice

Liz Allan Yoga

Private Therapeutic

Yoga & Sound Bath

I tailor my English-language private sessions to meet my students' unique and changing needs.

My area of specialty is Yoga for Burnout, therapeutic  practices to balance mood, reduce fatigue, control anxiety, recover from chronic stress, ease insomnia, befriend the body, and reclaim vitality. Sessions can include gentle somatic movement, Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath.


I also work with breath training, helping people to overcome poor breathing practices and rediscover their natural, diaphragmic breath. These techniques help rebalance the nervous system, boost immunity, end snoring, alleviate bad breath, reduce asthma symptoms, regulate digestion, increase energy levels, control panic attacks, and improve sleep.

Sessions are held in my home studio in Blijdorp, central Rotterdam. All equipment is provided.

60 min Yoga session €55

90 min Yoga session €75

60 min Sound Bath session €65

90min Yoga & Sound Bath session €85

Classes can also be arranged either in your own home or at a YG Studios location for an additional fee.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working together, please phone me on 06 12273441 or email me at

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